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I invite you to become a member of A Wild and Simple Life Short Story Podcast by subscribing to my Premium podcast stream.

A Simple Life of Solitude: Short Stories of Finding Magic in Moments

Life's moments are fleeting yet filled with wonder if we choose to see them. In this place, I share a glimpse into my world, an invitation to join me in discovering magic in the everyday. May you find respite here and kindle your imagination. As the seasons cycle through the years, I look forward to continuing this story together. There are more memories to be made and many more stories yet to be told. My wish is that in reading or listening to them you are inspired to live fully and find your own wild and simple moments. The world moves fast, but together we can make time stand still.




Writer of small stories inspired by wildness, freedom and living a simple life. I find joy in the crisp chill of cold weather, the misty haze of early mornings, and curling up with a good book while sipping on a warm cup of cacao.


I am happiest barefoot walking through the forest or frolicking in the waves and streams. I am most happiest spending time in the garden, growing, connecting, nurturing and foraging.

I turn to essential oils, herbs and natural remedies first. I love to sing. I embrace simplicity. I love my life filled with freedom, roads less traveled, and great stories from the beautiful people I meet on my journey.

I live a nomadic lifestyle and a self renovated 16ft 1975 Millard Caravan is the place my little family and I call home. Along with my partner, our son, and Dog Marley, I venture the vast landscapes of Australia in hope of better connecting to the land and to nature. This wild and simple life I choose inspires my writing, letters, books & creations.

I’d love to meet you and learn a little more about your story and what brings you to this place of wild and simple living. I reply to all emails :)

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