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The Moonstruck Moth - A Short Story

Updated: Mar 21

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Welcome to this weeks premium subscriber short story podcast. It's about a simple brown moth, unremarkable in every way. But by night, finds itself moonstruck. The moon is the moths beacon of hope, showing that even in the black of night, light can prevail. Grab a cozy blanket and a warm drink, sit back, relax and enjoy this little story.

The moon has always held a special place in my heart if a moth can be said to have such a thing. As darkness falls, I emerge from my daytime hiding spot and take flight, circling up towards the glow that pulls me in each night. The moon calls to me like a siren's song, irresistible and beautiful.

Some of my fellow moths flit from light to light, drawn to any bright spot that pierces the night. But not me. I have eyes only for the moon. When I gaze upon its surface, I wonder what mysteries lie in its shadows and what stories it could tell if only it had a voice. The moon holds magic and meaning that I can't quite explain, even to myself. By day, I remain a simple brown moth, unremarkable in every way. But by night, I am moonstruck.

Ever since I was a little caterpillar, I've been fascinated by the moon. As night came and the sky darkened, my eyes would search in excitement for that familiar glowing orb. It called me and filled me with wonder and longing.

The moon has a power over me I can't explain. The way it waxes and wanes, changing shapes as it makes its journey across the inky black sky. Most nights, I perch on a leaf and gaze up at it, captivated by its beauty. I feel a tug, an urge to fly up and get closer to its light. If only I had wings like the birds or could soar as high as the treetops! Alas, I'm just a simple little moth. No matter how much I yearn to bask in its radiance, the moon will remain out of my reach.

Still, I find solace knowing the moon is there, shining down on me as I go about my quiet life. Its glow gives me comfort on dark, lonely nights. And when it's full, the moonlight bathes the forest in a magical silver sheen. For a few fleeting moments, the world seems brighter, filled with possibility.

The moon is a reminder that even small, ordinary creatures like me can feel big dreams and experience beauty. I may never touch the moon, but its loveliness lifts my heart and helps me spread my wings, if only for a short, sweet flight under a canopy of stars, allowing me to soar in my imagination.

Night after night, the moon rises and falls, morphing from crescent to whole and back again, a constant reminder that change is inevitable, yet fleeting moments of wonder can be found each day - or night. When I gaze up at the moon, I often wonder what it's thinking about as it looks down on me. Does it notice me, a little brown moth fluttering about at night? What does it feel about the world below that it observes in silence every night?

The moon holds such mystery. I've lived my short life under its soft glow yet know so little about it. Where did it come from? How did it get up there? Why does it change shape? So many questions fill my moth mind when I stare at the luminous orb.

I often wonder if there are others like me - other moths, creatures, and souls gazing up at the moon, sharing in its silent song. In those moments, I feel a kinship with the whole night world. Unlike the harsh light of the sun, the moon is a cherished friend who lets me be as I am - a little brown moth dancing in the dark. And for a few hours, as I flutter beneath its gaze, I feel as though the moon and I share a secret connection, a bond between two creatures of the night, finding solace under a blanket of stars.

As the moon fades into the light of dawn, I flutter back to the safety of the forest canopy. My nightly adventure has come to an end. The moon is a gift to all who inhabit the night, a glowing orb of light and wonder. She doesn't care that I'm just a little brown moth - she shares her radiance with all. Tomorrow night, I'll emerge again when the sun sets, and the moon awakens, ready to lose myself in her tranquil beauty. The moon and I have an understanding - and as long as she graces the night sky, I'll be here to bask in her cool glow. My moon, my muse, my midnight companion.


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