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The moments in between - A Small Story

Updated: Mar 21

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Welcome to this weeks small story. It's a personal story about the little moments in between that sometimes go unnoticed, so grab a cup of tea, take a deep breath and allow a moment for yourself to enjoy this little story.

A refreshing breeze gently floats through the windows of our cosy caravan, and despite it being a winter's day, the temperature is delightfully warm. Only a few minutes ago I witnessed three magnificent Brolgas fly overhead and for a while now a giant eagle has been circling above in the distance. Sunsets here are humbling and watching the sunrise over the endless horizon whilst enjoying my morning coffee is nothing short of soul-enriching.

The land is vast and unforgiving, with dusty, straight roads that sometimes make you think there is absolutely nothing for thousands of miles. We have, in fact, for the most part, been driving through a prehistoric inland sea; however, now and then, a small town emerges in the distance, surprising us with its rich history, natural beauty, and educational opportunities. So, we pause our journey and immerse ourselves in the wonders of our surroundings. This enchanting rhythm has been the hallmark of our weeks and days.

The endless roads and little one-horse towns have made my heart grow. There is a simplicity to life that allows the clock to slow down. There is a purity to the environment that creates stunning natural beauty. The earth meets clear blue skies, that at night transform into a blanket of black velvet sprinkled with silver stars. There is a romance and charm that is built on the tradition of people looking out for each other and coming together around a campfire playing music and sharing stories over tea and damper.

Over the last few weeks, we have encountered some incredible experiences and places, from learning about the mind-blowing Australian dinosaur discoveries and exploring the fascinating realm of fossils to uncovering precious gems and encountering picturesque old towns surrounded by captivating wildlife, poetry, sculptures and artwork.

What I love and appreciate the most however, above all else, are all the little moments in between. The slow and quiet days when we can just enjoy being where we are as a family, cozied up in the van reading books, painting and drawing, journaling, playing board games... Or, just like a few moments ago, simply admiring the graceful flight of Brolgas and Eagles as they soar overhead and into the horizon.

If you enjoyed this little moment with me today, comment below. You may also feel called to share it with someone you love. I would love that! After all, we can all benefit from a simple life and a moment to tune out and slow down with a very short story.

Thank you as always for joining us here at 'A Wild and Simple Life'.

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