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Simpler Times: Pen Pals - A Short Story

Updated: Mar 21

Welcome to this week's cozy short story. It's about simpler times, the joy of handwritten letters and sharing details of our life with pen pals. As kids, my friends and I would spend hours crafting long letters to each other over summer break, unable to wait until school started again to reconnect in person. There's something special about putting pen to paper, choosing stationery and stickers, and pouring your heart out to someone who understands you. In today's digital age, keeping the art of letter writing alive is a simple pleasure worth making time for. It's time to slow down and enjoy this little story xx.

As I Sit on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves gently lap at the shore, I find myself reminiscing about the days gone by when I would put pen to paper and write letters to friends and family. There was something magical about gathering my thoughts, finding the right words to share news or express how I was feeling, choosing a sheet of scented stationery, and sealing the envelope with a kiss before sending it off. As my pen glided across the page, I felt a connection form between us through the ink and paper.

Sealing the envelope and dropping it in the mailbox, I knew the contents were meant for the eyes of one special person. Anticipating their reaction upon receiving and opening my heartfelt correspondence filled me with joy. The delay between sending and receiving letters built excitement and gave us both time to thoughtfully craft our responses.

As a young girl, I had pen pals from all over the country. We'd exchange scented stationery, magazine clippings and stickers, sharing details of our lives, hopes, and dreams. My girlfriends and I also wrote long letters during summer vacations, unable to wait until the new school year commenced to reconnect in person. There was an art to crafting a good letter - choosing the right paper and pen, finding the perfect way to start, figuring out what to say and how to sign off.

I recall so clearly the anticipation of receiving a letter in the mail and discovering what was written inside. I’d tuck myself away in my room to savour each line at my leisure. The familiar handwriting, the turns of phrase unique to that person, the little details about their daily life - all combined to make me feel close to them despite any distance between us. A single sheet of paper had the power to transcend miles and connect hearts.

These days, we have email, texting, and social media. While convenient, they lack the thoughtfulness and sentiment of a handwritten letter. The anticipation of receiving a letter in the mail and the joy of seeing familiar handwriting on the envelope are pleasures lost to time. No emoji or GIF can replace the effort and care that went into this heartfelt pastime.

As I sit here enjoying the salty sea air and listening to the waves crash against the shore, I can't help but reflect on how much life has changed. I watch a young girl play in waves and wonder if she’ll ever experience the simple delight of receiving a handwritten letter, tearing open an envelope, and escaping into the world of another’s stories, words and thoughts brought to life in ink. I think how wonderful it would be for her to share this glorious day at the beach with a friend or loved one using words and full descriptive sentences.

While technology has made so many things more convenient, I can’t help but feel saddened that something very special has been lost along the way. Though letter writing may be a dying art, I'm going to do my part to keep it alive. Tonight, I'll light a candle, gather some stationery, and write a few letters to those who matter most. After all, there are some things in life that are best said slowly and by hand, sealed with a kiss.

If you enjoyed this little moment with me today, comment below. You may also feel called to share it with someone you love. I would love that! After all, we can all benefit from a simple life and a moment to tune out and slow down with a very short story.

Thank you as always for joining us here at 'A Wild and Simple Life'.

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