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From Wild Flower to Wilted: A Small Story of Losing Our Wild Spirit

Updated: Mar 21

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Welcome to this weeks premium subscriber small story. I used to love picking wildflowers as a child. Did you? There was something magical about stumbling upon a field of daisies and gathering a bouquet to take home and make daisy chains. It is still very much spring here in Australia, and the wildflowers are blooming, so the other day, as I was driving down a country road, I spotted a patch of wild daisies. I pulled over, got out of the car, and started picking.... and that is where this story begins. As always, please take this moment for yourself to slow down. Make a warm drink, get cozy and enjoy this little story.

As I gathered the daisies, their petals soft as silk in my hands, memories of childhood came flooding back. The earthy scent, the way the flowers danced in the breeze, the warm sun on my face - it was delightful. The wild daisies called out to something deep within me. As I picked them on the side of the road, their beauty and free spirit resonated with my soul. However, on the drive home, my daisies started to droop, their petals closing up. When I found a vase for them, they looked sad and bedraggled.

It struck me, as I stared sadly at my flowers, that we were all like those daisies once - carefree spirits thriving in our natural surroundings. Yet society 'picked' us, placing us in environments that suited their needs, not ours. We were told from an early age to follow the rules, colour within the lines, and conform to norms. Our wildness was systematically pruned and shaped to suit the system's needs. Like those daisies, we started to wilt when removed from familiar ground.

There's an irrepressible life force in wild places that feeds our souls. We long for the liberty of open spaces, the primal rhythms of nature, the solace of solitude. But we trade all that for the civilised comforts of routine and conformity.

Somehow, we've lost our wild spirit, our sense of wanderlust and wonder. We're afraid to step off the beaten path, worried we won't find our way back. But if we don't reclaim our wild nature, we'll remain forever closed up and drooping, a faded version of who we were meant to be.

Once a Wild Flower, Now Wilted

by Julie Ann

I used to be a wild flower once, thriving in my natural habitat without a care in the world. Then one day, someone noticed my vibrant petals and thought I’d look better in their vase. So they plucked me from the earth I called home and plopped me into a foreign land of filtered water and unfamiliar surroundings.

At first, I tried to make the best of it. My petals still glowed for a while, and I did my best to stand up straight and appear perky. But it wasn’t long before I started to wilt. The water and food weren’t the same. The lighting was dim. I longed for the warm sun and cool breeze. My roots felt constricted, like they were drowning.

Bit by bit, my petals began to droop as my spirit and vitality faded. I was no longer living - merely surviving in a state of slow decay. My once radiant colors turned dull and listless. All I could think about was escaping back to the open meadow and embracing the wild I knew so well.

From Wild Flower to Wilted: A Small Story of Losing Our Wild Spirit

Here are a few ways I try to embrace my wild heart:

Spend time in nature. There’s nothing like a walk in the woods or a hike up a mountain trail to reconnect with that sense of wonder and adventure. The sounds, scents and beauty of the natural world nourish my wild soul.

Follow my passions. Whether it’s art, music, writing or some other creative pursuit, taking time to immerse myself in the activities that ignite my passion and joy helps recapture my wild spirit.

Question rules and expectations. Not all rules or societal expectations serve my highest good. It’s important to question them and determine which ones no longer resonate. Letting go of those that don’t allows my wild heart more room to roam free.

Connect with other free spirits. Surrounding myself with people who share a similar wild spirit and thirst for life helps keep my own inner wild child alive and well. Their influence inspires me to continue embracing my own wild heart.

Though the daisies I picked that day eventually wilted, my wild spirit remains. Nurturing that part of myself is vital - it represents the essence of who I am beneath the constraints and trimmings of society.

My wild heart still beats strongly, refusing to be tamed….. how about yours friend? If you enjoyed this little moment with me today, comment below. You may also feel called to share it with someone you love. I would love that! After all, we can all benefit from a simple life and a moment to tune out and slow down with a very short story.

Thank you as always for joining us here at A Wild and Simple Life.

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