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With JulieAnn

I'm Your Oracle Reader

I've always been fascinated by tarot and oracle cards. I started reading them as a teenager and loved the insight they provided in conversations. Over time, my fascination and passion for cartomancy continued to grow along with my intuition. I became captivated by the artwork, meanings, numerology and histories behind various decks. What surprised me most, was the accuracy of the oracle readings I provided friends and family, and the positive impact it had on their lives. This was my main motivation for providing Oracle Readings to A Wild and Simple Life Short Story Podcast offerings.


I offer a limited number of oracle readings each month, each session lasting 60 minutes.

I also offer tarot card readings by private request.


This is not a 'gimmick offering'. I take my gift of intuition and ability to decipher oracle cards seriously, and

so should you. Our time together over the hour is precious. 


We'll do the reading over Zoom and you can choose to turn your camera on or off - whatever makes you most comfortable. I'll record our call too so you can go back and reflect on our discussion. And I'll send you a photo of the spread after so you have it for reference.



I look forward to seeing you soon.

Julie Ann xx

Preparing for an Oracle Card Reading:
What to Know Before Your Session

If you're like many others and have been feeling a little off lately, unsure about which direction life is headed, or just have some big questions looming, an oracle card reading could be just what you need.


As a seer, my role is to provide clarity and guidance to those seeking answers. An oracle card reading allows me to tap into my intuition and higher wisdom in order to share helpful messages and insights with you. But before you book your reading, there are a few things you should know to prepare and get the most out of your session.

Oracle Readings by Julie Ann, Author and Creator of A Wild and Simple Life Short Story Podcast
  • What Is an Oracle Card Reading?
    An oracle card reading uses specially designed card decks with symbolic images and messages to give you a glimpse into your situation or the events surrounding a question you may have. Unlike tarot, oracle cards do not follow a set structure or spread positions. Readings are more free-flowing and led by intuition. Oracle readings can provide guidance on relationships, life direction, personal growth, and any situation where you feel stuck or need a new perspective. They tap into the universal energies surrounding you to bring through messages that resonate most with your current circumstances.
  • How To Prepare For Oracle Readings
    To ensure an accurate and meaningful reading, we take time before your session to ground, center ourselves, and tune in to the subtle energies around your question or situation. I shuffle and draw cards, noticing both the imagery and any intuitive hits I receive about the messages and meaning. These impressions allow me to weave the cards into a cohesive narrative to share with you during your reading. My goal is always to provide empathetic, thoughtful interpretations of the oracle messages in order to offer you insights, clarity and a sense of comfort about your situation. An oracle reading can be an enlightening experience, and I am honored to guide you on your journey.
  • How to Prepare Your Energy for an Oracle Card Reading
    To get the most out of your oracle card reading, it’s important to prepare your energy beforehand. As a seeker looking for guidance and clarity, your mental and emotional state can influence the reading. Here are some tips to prepare: Clear your mind Before your reading, take some deep breaths and try to clear your mind of any worries, distractions or stressful thoughts. Focus on the questions or areas of life you want insight into. Keep an open and receptive mindset. Write down your questions Write down any specific questions you have for the reading. Be open-ended but focused. Questions like “What do I need to know about my career path?” or “What challenges may come up in my relationship and how can I prepare?” are great places to start. Having concrete questions will help guide the reading. Reflect on what you want to gain Think about what you hope to learn or gain perspective on. Visualise the clarity and guidance the reading may provide. Set an intention to receive the messages that will most serve your highest good. Leave expectations behind While it's good to be focused, try not to go into the reading with set expectations. Be open to whatever wisdom and insights come through. The messages you need most may surprise you! Release control and trust the process. With an open heart and mind, your oracle card reading will be most meaningful and transformative. The cards, combined with my intuition, can reflect back to you the knowledge and direction you need for your journey ahead.
  • Questions to Reflect on Before Your Oracle Card Reading
    As you prepare for your oracle card reading, here are some questions we recommend reflecting on: What area of your life do you need guidance on? Are you looking for clarity around relationships, career, health, finances or something else? Focusing on a specific question or topic will help provide the most useful insights from your reading. Think about what’s weighing heavily on your mind or causing you confusion. What outcome are you hoping for? Do you want confirmation you’re on the right path or direction on potential next steps? Be clear in your mind about what you want to gain from the reading. Our oracle cards can provide guidance, but you have the power to take action and manifest the life you desire. Are you open to the messages you receive? An oracle card reading can reveal parts of your situation you may not fully see or want to admit. Go into your session with an open mind and heart. The more receptive you are, the more you will benefit. These cards serve to enlighten and empower you, not make you feel judged or uncomfortable. How can you use the guidance from your reading? Consider how the insights you receive can be applied to move you forward in a positive way. An oracle card reading is meant to inspire and motivate you, giving you the encouragement and strength needed to make meaningful life changes. Reflect on how you can take what you learn and use it to better yourself and your circumstances. Coming prepared with these types of reflective questions will allow for a deeper, more transformative oracle card reading experience. An open and receptive mindset is key. I am here to provide enlightenment and empowerment, helping bring greater clarity and wisdom into your life.
  • One Last Thing
    Having an oracle card reading can be an enlightening experience, but it does require some preparation to get the most out of your session. Take some time to reflect on what guidance you're seeking and formulate your questions. Meditate or journal to clear your mind and be open to the messages the cards reveal. Don't have any expectations about what the cards might say - be open to receiving whatever wisdom comes through. I will tune into your energy and pull the cards that you most need to see. Trust that the universe is guiding you to the answers and clarity you seek. An oracle card reading can be a pivotal moment that sparks inspiration or helps you see your situation in a new light. With an open heart and mind, you'll gain insights to empower you on your journey.

Amy Young, NSW

“Julie Ann has a true gift! I asked a simple question about my relationship without giving away any details, I was impressed with the level of detail and accuracy of my oracle reading from just a simple question."

Request an Oracle Reading

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